Lavender Lotus Yoga

“In my private yoga session with Tiffany, she took my needs into consideration and provided the perfect one-of-a-kind experience! It was the most helpful and meaningful session I’ve had. Worries of feeling vulnerable were gone immediately. Her timing coordinated to my own muscle and brain/body adjustments and processing. At last, a private yoga session that provided me with the workout, centering and inspiration for my work week! I was able to channel newfound flexibility and strength Tiffany guided me to. Taking time for yoga with Tiffany, breath and intention stay with me through interactions, work and perspective on life! Thank you Tiffany! I highly recommend Tiffany to all with an intention toward improved health of body and mind.” – Julia M., Teacher & Entrepreneur


“With a yoga opportunity on nearly every block, how is one to “know” where to go/with which teacher to practice? My suggestion, try many OR find ONE who is talented enough in her/his own practice to meet you where you are in yours—this person is Tiffany, hands down!!! When you meet her, you will notice her own practice of yoga flows in her eyes, smile and way of listening to her students. She is grounded, personable and a MOM! For me, as a mom of young ones, too—this matters!!! I need a strong yogi-spirited woman who is also experiencing the trials/joys that only parenthood holds to strengthen/resume my practice. Tiffany is a very present yoga instructor with a heart, skill and warmth to match her physical strength! I’m looking forward to growing in my practice now and I can directly thank Tiffany for that! Namaste.” – B. J.


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