Private Yoga

Do you want to practice yoga but feel uncomfortable attending a group class? Do you have injuries or mobility challenges that require personal attention from a teacher? Does your schedule prevent you from attending group classes due to time conflicts? I can bring the yoga to you, with a practice tailored to your individual needs.

Corporate Yoga

Do you own or manage a business? Bringing yoga to your workplace can boost morale, reduce stress, enhance focus, and boost productivity. Whether you have space for a full yoga class on yoga mats, or a conference room for chair-based yoga or meditation, I can tailor a class to your space and needs.

Event Bookings

Do you have an upcoming event? Do you want to create a special experience for your guests? Whether it's a Wine Country getaway, bachelorette party, bridal party, corporate retreat, birthday party, or Girl Scout Troupe, I can bring yoga to your event, specially tailored to your guests, location, and event. Imagine poolside yoga at your Airbnb rental!

Prenatal Yoga

Private yoga for pregnancy

Senior Yoga

Private yoga for seniors. A practice customized for your mobility - anything from a fully seated chair yoga practice to a combination practice that includes exercises to enhance balance and strength.

Special Events

Group offerings open to the public