Private Yoga

Do you want to practice yoga but feel uncomfortable attending a group class? Do you have injuries or mobility challenges that require personal attention from a teacher? Does your schedule prevent you from attending group classes due to time conflicts? I can bring the yoga to you, with a practice tailored to your individual needs.

Corporate Yoga

Do you own or manage a business? Bringing yoga to your workplace can boost morale, reduce stress, enhance focus, and boost productivity. Whether you have space for a full yoga class on yoga mats, or a conference room for chair-based yoga or meditation, I can tailor a class to your space and needs.

Special Events

Do you have an upcoming event? Do you want to create a special experience for your guests? Whether it's a Wine Country getaway, bachelorette party, bridal party, corporate retreat, birthday party, or Girl Scout Troupe, I can bring yoga to your event, specially tailored to your guests, location, and event. Imagine poolside yoga at your Airbnb rental!
Enhance the experience with a sound bath, cacao ceremony, women's circle, feminine embodiment journey, or other custom experience.

1:1 Coaching

Find home within and align with your unique path by healing and reconnecting to your intuition. Shed layers of social conditioning to reconnect with your truest self, your soul, your purpose.
Create a sustainable income as a yoga teacher or spiritual entrepreneur with 1:1 business coaching & mentorship.


Access deep healing through breathwork healing sessions. Unprocessed emotions and traumas get stuck in the body and become energetic blocks. Breathwork allows your subconscious mind to clear energetic distortions, raise your consciousness, and open your heart to the wisdom within. It offers a portal to an altered state of consciousness that can deepen spiritual connection and lead to powerful breakthroughs.

Corporate Workshops

Bring harmony to your workplace with workshops and breathwork journeys that get to the root of interpersonal conflicts and projection. Available for corporate retreats or as an ongoing package.

Bloom Retreat Sonoma County

A Day-Long Retreat for women in Sonoma County, California

Discover your soul calling

Soul Spa Session

Give yourself the gift of clarity. The ultimate gift of self care.

“In my private yoga session with Tiffany, she took my needs into consideration and provided the perfect one-of-a-kind experience! It was the most helpful and meaningful session I’ve had. Worries of feeling vulnerable were gone immediately. Her timing coordinated to my own muscle and brain/body adjustments and processing. At last, a private yoga session that provided me with the workout, centering and inspiration for my work week! I was able to channel newfound flexibility and strength Tiffany guided me to. Taking time for yoga with Tiffany, breath and intention stay with me through interactions, work and perspective on life! Thank you Tiffany! I highly recommend Tiffany to all with an intention toward improved health of body and mind.” 

– Julia M., Teacher & Entrepreneur


“Using words to describe such a magical session is hard. Every step of the guided meditation with Tiffany opened my heart to receive and allow my female energy to express and soar.  I felt allowed, held, and powerful. Thank you dear sister.”

– Johanna Salazar

“Your meditation and affirmation session was profound. It blew my mind how much I felt a connection to your work. You guided me to a place of trust and I was able to let my guard down and receive. Thank you Tiffany!”

Reclaim You: A Transformational Journey

Reclaim You - Lavender Lotus Yoga
Photo: Sophia Williams

Reclaim yourself in this transformational journey guided by 1:1 coaching and mentorship

Have you been giving yourself to something else, be it children, a career, or a relationship that you’ve outgrown? Do you feel ready to reclaim yourself? I’m available for 1:1 coaching and mentorship to support you in transforming your physical and mental self, manifesting your dreams, and navigating transitions with ease, non-attachment, and even joy

“Yoga allows you to find an inner peace that is not ruffled and riled by the endless stresses and struggles of life.”​

–B.K.S Iyengar​

Tiffany Jade

Tiffany began her career in Information Technology, working for Fortune 500 companies. In 2011, she became a stay-at-home mom. She dedicated herself to raising her children, but found herself feeling lost, not sure who she was anymore. She’d lost her identity, so she began her search for deeper meaning and purpose.

When she restarted her yoga practice after a brief hiatus, she noticed that she was becoming a more patient mom. She knew there was something special there, and felt the call to train as a yoga teacher. She built a thriving business teaching private and corporate yoga and fitness, and found home within herself in the process.

She was inspired to help other women experience the same transformation, and that is how Lavender Lotus Yoga and Tiffany Jade Soul Alignment were born!